Due Diligence

The Bureau of Investigation is able to undertake Due Diligence work throughout the African, Asian and Middle eastern regions, working with local staff members and authorities to obtain all relevant ground based information about the subject of an investigation. The teams are also trained in Garbology and a variety of Surveillance methods to ensure that information is accurate and up to date.

Where as many investigation companies use the internet as a major resource in Due Diligence cases, the Bureau of Investigation takes a different approach with a dedicated on the ground team assigned to due diligence cases in each region, providing ground based information and research and only using internet based research to obtain media information.

This local knowledge ensures that the Bureau of Investigation can often obtain information that regular investigation companies cannot locate.

The Bureau of Investigation also understands that cases can often be fluid, with differing needs for every investigation and parameters that may change mid-investigation due to the client’s needs. This setup allows the Bureau of Investigation to seamlessly adapt to these needs and locate the information that the client actively seeks.

The Bureau of Investigation offers a range of investigation services and each investigative quote is individually crafted to meet each client’s needs although we generally offer three levels of service for new clients to help determine the scope required.

  • Basic Due Diligence

A full internet search in local language, targeted with the clients suggestions to find basic information and to establish the subject’s interests. This service includes some limited local research to ensure accuracy of information and to conduct official background checks of the subject.

Depending on the needs of the client this can also involve a site visit to verify facts and information and provide further photographic evidence of the investigation.

  • General Investigation

As well as including the full internet research and background checks a general investigation relies further on the ground teams provided by the Bureau of Investigation.

The ground teams will conduct full site visits to the subject and conduct further research into the subject’s interests within the country of the investigation. Depending on the clients need this may also include some light undercover, surveillance and garbology work conducted by experienced investigators.

  • In-Depth Investigation

As well as the services included above, the in-depth investigation goes even further, This level of investigation draws heavily on the ground teams, using a combination of the undercover abilities of the teams and undercover companies developed by the Bureau of Investigation.

This level of investigation can either be used in a support role, to quickly provide a wide investigative profile, establishing facts and information that can only be found from conclusive undercover work, or quickly and accurately target a specific piece of information that the client is looking for.

For more information please contact us directly at info@boiconsultants.com for a free consultation where one of our experienced staff will be able to create a tailored investigative plan for your needs.